Gift Ideas for your FIFO worker partner

Gift Ideas for your FIFO worker partner


Every miner knows the value of socks in their daily lives.

You need something that is good and substantial yet doesn't become paper thin with time - not as easy as it seems. The antibacterial qualities of bamboo socks are their most significant attribute.

Apparently, illnesses and pests don't often damage bamboo. Bamboo socks lack cotton's "incubating" characteristics.

Bamboo fibre is ideal for preventing stinky feet due to this and its wicking qualities. Get them here.



The Nipper Store Mining Socks


Kayo Subscription

With endless streaming entertainment from the world’s leading sports, plus access to Australia’s best lifestyle and reality shows, no more waiting to get back home for some quality ‘me time’. Now they can stay in the loop of Aussie culture as much as they want, without ever having to disembark from their mining rig!

Mining Casual Tees

Get them some fresh gear for those off days. We're pretty bias but we reckon one of the T-shirt’s in our range the perfect gift.

nipper store best presents T-shirts

Remember, as an extra benefit, if you don't mind your hubby knowing how much you spent, they may be able to deduct the receipts from their taxes the following year.

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