A kids book about open pit mining!

In the second in the series, "Working Deep Down In the Pit" explores the machines and people who work in an Open Pit mine.

"Working Deep Down In The Pit" expands kids knowledge into the open pit mine!

Written by a former mine worker and illustrated by Mining Boom, this book (for ages 0-7) explores the machines, processes, and roles involved in open pit mining.

Perfect for families with connections to the industry, especially FIFO & mining families.

Head underground for the first book in the series

"Working Deep Down Underground" takes young miners (ages 0-7) on a rhyming adventure through the underground mine, crafted by a mine worker for his children and brought to life with vibrant illustrations by Mining Boom!

Double the Adventure:

Explore more with the Twin Book Bundle

This engaging bundle combines the best of both worlds. 

With over 2,500 units of the first book sold, this bundle delivers twice the fun, explore surface mining and then head underground!

Working Deep Down Underground" & "Working Deep Down In The Pit" - short and engaging, rhyming children's book to explain the machines and processes used both above and below the ground.


Erin Harris

 FIFO wife and Early Childhood Educator

“Good for the whole family not just the kids!”

 Callum Ilich

Underground Mine Surveyor

“It’s simple to follow… I’m able to share all the underground machines. I love it!”

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