Finding the best boots for Mining in Australia

Finding the best boots for Mining in Australia

FIFO (fly in, fly out) – demands a lot from their workers. So workers demand a lot from their mining boots and socks!

What makes mining boots unique and how can you be sure you're wearing the best work boots for FIFO, mining, and remote jobs?


Heat resistance

Nitrile outsoles are designed to increase the heat resistance of boots from 130°C to 300°C and add more abrasion resistance. They're ideal for FIFO, Fitters and Boilermaker roles requiring heat-resistant equipment.

Lightweight, breathable material

Innovations in work boot material mean today's best mining boots are breathable, lightweight upper materials that balance safety with comfort. Mining work involves a good deal of moving around in the hot sun and flip-flops and shorts aren't permitted around heavy equipment.

Durability in remote areas

Mining boots are engineered for whole-body health, providing men and women in the mining industry with the comfort and support to reduce the risk of back, knee, leg and ankle injuries. FIFO swings last a week, often two, sometimes even longer. Only the best work boots made from durable, high-quality material can stay in good shape for 14 days of 12-hour shifts.

After picking the best mining boots for you, we suggest pairing them with our FIFO Sock subscription. 

Never have a swing away with holes in your socks… regretting a missed trip to K-Mart for some low quality socks. 

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