Are you a new FIFO worker? Here’s what to pack to go on site

Are you a new FIFO worker? Here’s what to pack to go on site

If you have landed a great job in the mines, Congrats Mate!

Now you need to figure out what to pack for your first FIFO swing! 

Personal Stuff

  • Personal toiletries (bring your own soap), regular medication and maybe some painkillers
  • Glasses if you wear them
  • Take a screenshot of all your personal details such as emergency contacts, tax file number, banking details, superannuation numbers, copies tickets etc. just in case you need them.

Looking after your feet:

  • Good quality work socks (get them here)
  • Casual clothes for the dining areas (get these here)
  • Comfortable, steel-capped boots
  • Tinea cream – your feet are likely to get sweaty and hot, the perfect conditions for tinea to thrive.
  • Thongs to wear after work, trust me, your feet are going to want to breathe!


  • Battery-operated torch. Power outages are a thing. Get one here.
  • Laptop – stay connected, most sites have WIFI
  • Phone – most sites have Telstra coverage
  • Chargers. Get one here.

Day-to-day stuff

  • Washing powder so you can do some laundry
  • Plastic bag to put dirty clothes in
  • Coat hangers so you can hang up your clothes and keep them aired
  • Cash for drinks and snack food at the wet mess
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