Come and  join us on an Underground adventure!

An educational yet engaging rhyming picture book that can share with your family what goes on down the hole! Perfect for those working in the industry, or those wanting to educate their kids where metals and minerals come from.

"Working Deep Down Underground is the product of just over 14 months of work between mine surveyor, Jake Harris and the popular mining animators, Mining Boom. The words were penned by Jake during flights back and forth to his mine site in Western Australia. It is written by a mine worker, for other mining families to share what processes, machines and people work in an underground mine."

“I wanted to write a rhyming book for my kids to explain what goes on when I fly away on that big steel cigar to remote Western Australia!"

- Jake Harris, Mine Surveyor & Author

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Erin Harris

 FIFO wife and Early Childhood Educator

“Good for the whole family not just the kids!”

 Callum Ilich

Underground Mine Surveyor

“It’s simple to follow… I’m able to share all the underground machines. I love it!”

Working Deep Down Underground is a project between The Nipper Store (UG Mining Tech) and Mining Boom (Thirsty Head Productions).

All rights reserved.