The First Night Effect - Why can’t I sleep properly?

The First Night Effect - Why can’t I sleep properly?

After a long stint of living the FIFO life, it can be hard to readjust. You'd think after all this time away from home that being back in your own bed again would make for an easy night's rest - yet no matter how many times you've done it before, there always seems to be one thing hindering sleep: The First Night Effect!

Whether traveling or staying at home hasn't seemed do much good against its powerful grasp; here's hoping our insomnia passes soon enough!

Here are a few knock-out tips to get ya in chill mode and beat those anxious jitters before they even start:

Warm Showers

After a long, hard day's work there's nothing better than ending the night with a warm shower. Not only is it relaxing and therapeutic but scientific studies have found that taking one before bed can be key for getting some quality shut-eye!

The premise behind this strategy lies in finding balance between your body temperature when stepping out of the shower versus jumping into those cozy sheets--trust me, you'll thank yourself come morning! 

No Blue Light

Don't let your screens ruin your sleep - less blue light, more restful nights! To make sure you're getting the most out of your shut-eye time, turn off any tech devices 30 minutes before lights out.

If not, apparently it's like telling that ol' brain o' yours to stay awake in party mode all night long...not cool!

Chat it out

Need a pick-me-up? Reach out and connect with someone! Nothing beats talking it through over the phone - It's like an instant stress reliever.

Everyone needs to feel cared for, 'cause it'll help you stay cool in those tricky first night scenarios.

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