Norsewear Gumboot Socks added to the Nipper Store!

Norsewear Gumboot Socks added to the Nipper Store!

We're thrilled to introduce Norsewear, New Zealand's iconic outdoor brand, now available in Australia for the mining community.

Renowned for its rugged durability, Norsewear is the perfect fit for those who spend hours underground sweating it out in Gumboots.

If you are bored of holey socks when working down the hole, or gumboot socks that ruffle up in the bottom of your boot then give these a try!

The rugged Norsewear gumboot sock - built for the hardest of enviornments
The Norsewear Gumboot sock is the ultimate workmate for the underground miner!


Why Norsewear?

Born in the demanding New Zealand outdoors, Norsewear has been tested by nature's toughest conditions. Ideal for miners, Norsewear's range ensures comfort, durability, and protection, no matter the challenge.

Nipper Store Mining Underground Socks
The Norsewear Gumboot sock is also available in pink and slightly smaller sizing for female underground miners.
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