Multi Purpose Mining Gadgets and Gifts

Multi Purpose Gadgets for miners are key to saving space in your day bag during a shift. Here is The Nipper Stores top three multi purpose tools for those plugging away on the operational front line!

LedLanser IW3R

LedLenser IW3R - Torch and Battery Bank

Space is of a premium for all mine workers, with just a crib bag and a couple of pockets available during a shift.

The IW3R is a torch and power bank phone charger in one super compact unit. Allowing both a torch capability for those long, hard night shifts but also a phone charging facility so you never miss a beat.

No one ever wants to stress about the charge of their smartphone or even worse be caught in a situation where a light source is needed! Cover both bases with this (link) quality unit that fits easily in any work bag.

Leatherman Tools - Wave Plus, Wingman or Rebar

Practical, Compact and multi functional, the Leatherman Tool is world famous for people on the go.

Essential in the back pocket of any miner out in the trenches getting it done!

Fitting perfectly in a pocket or tool bag this Leatherman will get you out of many sticky situations when away in your swing.

With upto 15 specialist tools, depending on model, along with the usual foldable pliers this is an essential part of any miners tool kit!

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