How to Make a 12-Hour Shift Seem Like a Walk in the Park

How to Make a 12-Hour Shift Seem Like a Walk in the Park

Working 12-hour mining shifts can seem never-ending and monotonous, but I've learned from my experience working in mining that it can be made more bearable by injecting a bit of creativity! 


Despite the real remote locations mining jobs can take you, there's no excuse for cricket to be forgotten.

Working in Australia on a mining site doesn't have to mean missing out on the fun or competitive aspects of playing the 'Gentleman's game'.  All that's really needed is some suitable boundaries, an enthusiasm for cracking a cold one open afterwards and an ability to dodge trash talk from opposing teams.


Relish the chance to catch up on all sorts of intellectual content. With podcasts available on everything from current affairs and sports to comedy, there’s sure to be something you can listen to while killing time between shifts.

There's even a few mining specific podcasts like: 

  • Life Of Mine.
  • Mining HQ.
  • Beers With A Miner.
  • Full Production with Peter Finn.
  • Fluro Radio Podcast.


Buy some fresh gear from The Nipper Store, we hear their selections pretty bloody good. 

Trust me, with these activities time will fly faster than you can say “fly in, fly out”.


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