How to look after your physical health as a worker in the mining industry

How to look after your physical health as a worker in the mining industry

Ahhhhh working as a FIFO worker can have its challenges - especially when it comes to looking after your physical health.

Consider this advice as an ON-GOING checklist for those heading away for weeks at a time:

stay hydrated, eat healthy snacks, get your eight hours sleep, and don't forget your daily stretches. Oh and throw in some workouts if you can handle them!

Always say no to those beers with the boys ‘cause they NEVER go down well!

Believe me when I say that having a good handle on your physical health will put you one step ahead of being both mentally and physically fit while on the job.


There's no need to treat yourself exclusively to sandwiches and energy drinks - let's face it; they won't get the job done. Instead of refueling on quick fixs, why not reach for something a tad healthier?


You know it, we all do - sugary drinks just don't cut the mustard.

So if you're feeling like an energy zap or a cold one at work is way too inviting to resist, why not channel that drive into staying hydrated?

Keep two big bottles of H2O and electrolyte-packed goodies in your bag for good measure! Grab a thick, chunky and well-made bottle here.


It's actually scientifically proven that getting 8 hours' shuteye has tonnes of benefits!

Not only will you stay in top shape physically and mentally, but your temper won't be so short either. 


Have you ever let your stomach rumble for hours in order to finish the job?

Sure, it might seem like dedication now - but ignoring hunger in an attempt to get things done is surefire way of having performance levels dip. Don't work yourself too hard without taking a break and refueling; that won't just let you keep up with tasks, but also keeps everyone around safer.

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