Choosing between Beehive and Rugged Extreme Tool Bags

Choosing between Beehive and Rugged Extreme Tool Bags

As we stock a few different options, we thought it's best to compare apples with apples so we're gonna compare the Beehive Blue & Yellow Heavy Duty Tool Bag And Rugged Xtremes B512 Workmate Tool.

G'day mate! So you're wanting to know the differences between tool bags do you? Well, let me tell you, these two bags are heavy duty all right, but they've got a few differences between them, that's for sure.

Now, this Beehive bag, it's got a couple of wide front pockets, two side pockets on either end, and a center divider with 12 individual tool pockets. That's a fair bit of storage space, I'll tell ya that much! But it's got a heavy duty hook and loop fastening tape and side release buckles to close the lid flap. And it's got an extra reinforced HDPE base, that's some sturdy stuff.

But the Rugged Xtremes bag, now that's a different story altogether. It's got a fully opening, lockable zippered top with velcro flap, removable POD Connect divider, and zippered internal document pocket. It's made from waterproof laminated 1000d 640gsm PVC, that's some fancy material if I ever did see it. And it's got heavy-duty, 10mm wear-resistant feet, that's some serious wear and tear that bag can take. And it's got heavy-duty webbing zipper pullers, that's some good design right there.

It's got a large main compartment with pockets, tool loops, and removable divider, and all steel D-rings and clips. And it's got a quick-release padded shoulder strap, that's some comfortable carrying right there. And it's got 4 large outside pockets with velcro flaps and 3 large internal pockets with small pockets and tool loops. It's got an ID pocket for easy identification and reflective strip on front and side flaps.

So, in a nutshell, the Rugged Xtremes bag has got more fancy features and additional pockets, waterproof PVC, and a lockable zippered top! On the other hand, the Beehive bag has reinforced HDPE Base and side pockets, but both are heavy-duty bags.

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