Every Day Carry Kit for the Aussie Miner

Every Day Carry Kit for the Aussie Miner

Life in the mines can be tough and unforgiving but with a bit of planning and smart everyday carry, you can make your life easier.

We all know that miners are already expected to take their gear wherever they go — like underwear, lunch box, water bottle, boots etc.

But what about those things that make life just a little bit more convenient?

Whether it’s for before or after-work activities (or both!), these items will help you out at home or on-site! Here are my picks for an essential EDC (Everyday Carry) kit…perfect for surviving the gruelling earth-moving schedule.

Leatherman Wingman

Working in the Australian mining industry can sometimes leave you feeling like you brought a spoon to a gunfight.

But fear no more, miners - the Leatherman Wingman Multitool is your new best mate! It's got 14 different tools so you always have the right tool for whatever job you need to do.

Plus, it's designed to brave the toughest conditions, so 'no worries' if it gets a bit dusty or drops a few feet down into your mine shaft. Instead of panicked shouting for your mates, just take out your trusty Wingman and get the job done! Get yours here.

Leatherman Rebar Multi Tool Nipper Store

Power Bank Flex10

Blitzing out in kilometre after kilometre of Rocky Outback, it’s essential to keep that battery level as high as your hydration levels.
With early starts to late finishes, your phone’s goin’ off like a frog in a butcher’s shop and you don’t wanna drop the ball.
A Power Bank means you get juiced up real fast and don't run the risk of ending up somewhere without so much as a cattle station around for miles!
Your phones gotta be ready for business when the going gets tough at work, so grab one of these powerbanks today. Get yours here.

Power Bank Flex10 I Nipper Store

Nite Ize G-Series Dual Chamber Carabiner

We've all been there - a terrible day down the hole being dogged by the foreman and lead astray by the useless engineering team... only to realise you've lost your key to your room! 
Grab one of these super simple carabiner clips for use with your crib or day bag, to ensure they never go walkabout again.  Get yours here.

Nite Ize G-Series Dual Chamber Carabiner


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