Beehive Vinyl Tool, Work and Crib Bags for miners!

The Nipper Store supplies a range of the legendary Beehive Vinyl bags which are made right here in Australia.

We have tailored our range to offer the widest variety of bags for each and every miner.

Our range includes a number of different sizes and colours which will deliver useful tool or work bags for those who work down the hole.

Here is a quick guide:

Small, Compact Crib or Tool Bag

Small Mining Tool Bag Beehive

Beehive Mini MSPDBHMB Beehive Bag

This compact yet rugged vinyl bag offers amazing versatility with its tool compartments and storage capacity. Perfect for those with a couple of snacks or tools for their working shift.

Lockable, Big Capacity Crib or Tool Bag

Mining Crib Tool Bag Beehive

Beehive SPDBRT Beehive Bag

This heavy duty tool and crib bag has a suite of features, including 2 wide front pockets and a side pocket on either end with a flap, perfect for holding rolls of duct tape, gloves or other quick access tools.

Large, Colourful Mining Tool Bag

Womans Ladies Mining Bag Pink Purple

Beehive DBHMBRHPINK Womens Mining Tool Bag

Ladies, if you want a hard wearing bag for all of your tools, snacks and bottles for a hard shift, then look no further!


This wraps up our over view - if you want to check out the whole range click the link here, for our full collection line up!

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